Civil, TfNSW & Road Works

Cadifern Civil holds Transport for NSW accreditation to a Level of R2 and B1 which allows us to complete Roads and bridges on or adjacent to TfNSW owned assets. This allows us to complete slip lanes off TfNSW Roads into new commercial dwellings. This type of work is frequently required, and developers need to use a contractor like us that is accredited and competent. We target this type of work and have an extensive track record in Roads of this nature. We also target small scale bridges both trafficable and pedestrian in and around transport NSW assets as well as for the local Council.

We have completed many Roads, carparks, roundabouts, footpaths etc for many different clients from residential, commercial, local and State Government level. We have a large portfolio of completed projects, we self-perform many tasks and have strong relationships with preferred local external providers to which we are loyal and committed.