Culvert Stormwater and Underboring

At Cadifern we are stormwater experts specialising in large diameter, deep inverts and tight grades. We have laid thousands of metres of stormwater pipe in all classes and sizes and have a proven track record of completed work to an incredibly high quality standard. Storm Water can be an never ending cob stopper, it is not just about getting pipe in the ground in an efficient manner but it is about ensuring the pipework can withstand the general construction activity for overall projects, often with stormwater, you are the first in laying pipe and the last out setting the lintels. We always stand by our work and are there for our clients when it comes to final sign off. We adhere to our stringent quality system and have rarely had to complete any rework on our projects. We always work collaboratively with our clients and when it comes to large stormwater projects experienced clients will understand exactly what I mean. We have also completed an array of graded and pressurised underbores we have our own bed bore machine that can bore 300mm diameter and up to 30LM we also partner with multinational underboring contractors to complete larger projects.